corporate wellness and personal success are vital to support a healthly community, happy families and individual fullfillment

soulplay counselling services are provided in Armadale, with easy access to parking and public transport

corporate wellness 

In the workplace, soulplay services can help support a thriving business to reward and support its staff. Soulplay corporate wellness services can also assist to create a healthy and vibrant work culture where symptoms of high turnover and low productivity have emerged.

Soulplay services for your business or organisation can include:

  • Employee Assistance counselling services for employees
  • Staff training for greater emotional and physical resilience
  • Lunchtime meditation sessions
  • Play and groups games to enhance your team effectiveness

Clare is also an improvised performer with Lose the Plot improvised performance group.  Lose the Plot can be included in corporate wellness programs, and may also appear during resilience training.

personal success

Transpersonal counselling is defined by the approach to counselling, rather than the issue for which a person is seeking counselling. Transpersonal Counselling is also person centred, and that means that the client - therapist relationship is a collaborative partnership. 

Transpersonal means beyond the mask, and therefore the transpersonal counselling approach is underpinned by a belief that each person can access resources beyond their own selves. Person centred counselling and transpersonal counselling share the belief that each person is naturally evolving towards their fullest potential. 

In soulplay counselling sessions, you can expect your process of evolution to be facilitated by an experienced therapist via a variety of processes. These processes may include creative processes, meditation and guided visualisation.